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One of the things I want to focus on this Lent is my girls; specifically my responses and reactions to them, as well as trying to spend more quality time with them. I cringe inside with every “I can’t right now” each time Evie or Audrey asks me to play/ read with them, because honestly that is my response too often. I’m also afraid my girls will relate too much to this: 


Well, Audrey was sick to her stomach on Monday canceling their playdate with my mom, and she understandably hasn’t been in the pleasantest soul, and Evie’s school was closed on Tuesday so this week has found me scrambling to find fun things for the girls to do before severe house-bound-boredom sets in. I feel okay at the start of the day but before long end up feeling like this:


So Lent truly came in like a lion when Wednesday night Evie started getting sick to her stomach at bedtime. From about 10-5 Tim and I were up several times an hour- Evie’s stomach had her up most of the night and even Audrey and Heidi woke up needing something a couple of times each (not d/t sickness thankfully!). I honestly can’t remember a night so sleep-deprived except for maybe the first several days after we brought Evie home from the hospital, but Tim and I have mostly blacked those memories out.


Every time I started nodding off I heard Evie calling for me; I seriously told God at one point, “Okay fine, someone must be in need of serious prayers because this is way more than I can handle!”.


The events of the next morning left me 

and then everything did a complete 180 and within a half hour all three girls fell asleep where they were lying, before 11am!


I find it quite appropriate that part of yesterday’s gospel was from Luke 9:22-25:

If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

It’s so hard to stay patient with an irrational, screaming toddler, or to ignore the filthy kitchen and multiplying mounds of laundry to instead sit with the preschooler and read a few books. However, I love that the Church has given us this season- one that continually reminds us of our need for repentance and places focus on the cross of Christ so we can learn to die to ourselves and unite our trials to his suffering.

And even in the throes of stomach viruses during the doldrums of winter, we know we are not the only ones walking these 40 days of Lent toward Easter; there’s comfort in that. :)


When the sickness dissipates and spring arrives at long last, I shall be all:


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