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And home ownership.

Tim discovered a slow leak in the ceiling of our kitchen, so for now our master bathroom is off-limits. At least we discovered it before it discovered our kitchen and we have someone we know well working to fix it (*hopefully* this week!).


Out of nowhere Evie dubbed Heidi “Little Humpskin”. ??? I think she heard me call her a munchkin one time and thought that’s what I said?


About a month ago I found curtains for our bare living and dining room windows (hooray!). Some friends offered to hem the too-long dining room panel (those have a bizarre story that I’ll share some time) and I sent back the living room pair since I ordered them too long, so we continue to live with wide “open” windows…



The other day I asked Evie what she ate for snack at school and here’s what she said:

“Cookies with windows, cream, and strawberries.” (Waffles with whipped cream…I want to go to preschool!)

I love how if she doesn’t know the name for something she just calls it like it is. :)



Snowing again today and another day of school canceled- not that I mind greatly, except that Evie only goes twice a week and we still pay tuition regardless!

Last Saturday Tim and I went out to dinner for his birthday in spite of the snow that fell all day and the sleet that came down the hour before we left. It was actually exciting to be out and about on the slow-moving but fairly empty roads, and I’m glad that we got out for a date when we did!

Sometimes life seems to move fluidly along without a hitch and then other times we wait, wait some more, adjust, or press on in spite of the setbacks.