Looking through Boden’s catalogue makes me sigh happy sighs- I feel like they speak my clothing language (although their pricing is a bit rich for my blood).

It’s refreshing to find clothing companies that embrace classic, feminine silhouette’s and styles, while adding twists and flair with their fabrics, prints, and colors. I’m seeing more and more evidence of classic styles in the stores these days and I’m lovin’ it- designs like this a-line dress, midi length skirts, cropped pants, or simple tops.

Boden dresses

I especially love that middle dress in the ivory or black- something that could be worn many ways and year-round. (Asos has a similar and cheaper one, also similar at Gap.) Boden skirt

I think I’ve owned a few too many solid color skirts over the years- I can’t help but love all the prints! (Also, this tee is a little loud but I’m kind of digging it.)

And a couple more catalogue items that caught my eye…


I, for one, hope crew-neck sweatshirts never, ever leave. Their comfort level is *high*.

My high school self is jealous of the trends nowadays, as many of them fit the dress code from those days of yore. It would’ve been great to have ample selection of flats, knee-length skirts, and collared shirts when shopping for those non-uniform events. ;)

(All images from the Boden catalogue)