Today I received a text invitation to meet some moms over at a nearby park in the afternoon. Evie’s school pickup was about that time so I thanked her and said I’d love to come another time. She texted back telling me they’d be there a good chunk of the afternoon and encouraged me to come by. Should be an easy decision, right? I mean it’s only going to the park.

What to do…

If we went right after pick up I’d need to feed Evie lunch. Somehow.

We’ve had multiple meltdowns the past several days due to missed or late naps and an  over-sugared, over-partied weekend. I’m in serious need of a normal-nap day and routine.

I’d probably have to baby-wear the whole time.

What if I need to nurse while I’m there and the girls need a hand with something?


Having to leave the park is hardly ever never a peaceful experience for anyone. Especially when it’s cutting into nap-time.

Sometimes taking my 3 young kids out by myself is too hard and I need to stay home, but I can’t convey all of the above reasons in a text.


I know the girls would enjoy getting outside and playing with other kids.

They love the park!

I’ve already canceled on this mom before and I don’t want to come across as a flake.


Sometimes I just want to tell people: Have mercy on me, please, I have 3 kids 3 and under and I need to forgo [such and such activity] for reasons of retaining my sanity. Please understand!

Or even: If you want to invite us in 10 years, we’d love to come then.

Sometimes I wish I could do it all and not get overwhelmed.

Sometimes I do adopt a devil-may-care attitude about taking all 3 out…

and sometimes I need a while to recover before trying that again.

Saying yes or no- it’s a balancing act and sometimes I wish someone else would make the decisions for me!