One day everything outside is bare and the landscape is covered with melting, black-tinged snow and the next…the first blooms have made their grand appearance!IMAG1304


A very dead Christmas wreath occupying the front porch. Hmm…


But you really do get your money’s worth at when you buy from Costco!


The kids have found the hidden stash of Easter basket surprises.


Outside walks consist of more strides than just what would get you to the mailbox and back.


Visiting Sally and Sally II, per Evie’s designation


Glorious, warm SUN!


If only I could curl up on the floor and take a nap in the warm sunlight!


Spring fever- it’s a thing. Like when your children are all full of giggles and silliness and affection and hugs- things that are all well and good except…PLEASE DON’T SQUASH THE BABY!


It’s time to rifle through the stashes of clothing and pull out the seasonally appropriate baby clothes passed down from child to child.

Ah, spring. I don’t care what the weather men say, I will sing of its arrival! I’m in the mood to watch musical clips from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and The Easter Parade, oh, and Small Town Girl– but not until after Easter for that one since it has the “A word”. ;)

Have a great weekend and be sure to visit Kelly for all the quick takes!