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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while and want to post more in general, IMAG1374

Anyways, here are some of our favorite religious books and DVDs- they are all gifts from family and friends (except one from the library). Having grown up on CCC films and St. Joseph picture books I wasn’t aware all these other options existed!


1 & 2: The Mary and the Mass book are written for kids who can read and offer explanations about each part of the mass, but Evie especially likes to look through it during mass (and hold it out so Father can see the page…).

Lives of the Saints has beautiful pictures, and I like how they’re split up- the ones we have are The Apostles and The Middle Ages.

3. Stories Told by Mother Teresa– I came across book while shelf-scanning at the library and wouldn’t mind owning a copy so we could re-read them to soak in her nuggets of wisdom! I love that it’s written for children and that each story is only a page or two long.IMAG1298

4. Brother Francis DVDs (also on Amazon) are great for preschoolers and toddlers (and I’m guessing older kids as well but can’t speak from experience!). Our girls love the songs and the tunes don’t make my ears bleed, so two thumbs up. ;)

5. My Friends the Saints is nice and big. I like how it gives “stats” for each saint to help cater to small attention spans. :)

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