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I love catching snapshots of my girls when they are so…themselves. Sometimes my view of their childhood becomes usurped by the squabbles, whining, demands, meltdowns etc. and I’m grateful for these glimpses- the precious moments that stop me in my tracks, make me smile, and give me renewed appreciation for my girls…no matter who was being the biggest pill ever that day.IMAG0569 IMAG0716

ˆˆˆSigns of Evie’s latest hangout- in my closet, of course.IMAG0747

Not long after moving in, but before Heidi was born, we came up to our room one night to find Evie camped out by our bed- every blanket in tow.

ˆˆˆEven dollies deserve to have a look at the first snow.


4th of July fireworks

Evie is always so proud of her Lego tower creations!


ˆˆChildish delight.


ˆˆˆA backwards bonnet and too-large snow hat because…that’s how we roll?IMAG0531

(Last summer) Audrey looked so stinkin’ cute in her sunglasses and I kept telling her that. She kept smiling back, saying “no!” every time.IMAG1094 DSC_0448


ˆˆI caught them like this one evening when I was making dinner. They don’t always play nicely together but when they do it is too precious and makes me glad that sisterhood exists.