Spring is in the air and in honor of shedding all of the jackets and shoving all of the hats and gloves into storage bins, I’m compiling a bucket list of sorts for exiting the house:

Burnside Farms- I spotted a sign for this place while driving passed it last summer. It’s a pick your own flower farm (tulips, daffodils, and Dutch iris in the spring). Um, YES. This is a place I’d love to take pictures of the girls, as well, (and maybe frolick when no one’s looking) although places that only have short windows of time in which to visit can be tricky. I’d love to go, weather and time permitting!

Frying Pan Farm Park– I’ve mentioned this place before- it’s perfect to visit in the spring when it’s teeming with the cutest of cute baby animals, and a great place for young kids (i.e. separate playground FOR young kids- perfection).

Bluebell trail- I found out from an experienced bluebell trail-er that there’s a smaller but closer trail (just down the road from our old house…ha! and of course I didn’t know that before) than the well-known one in our area.             Last year I hauled Evie and Audrey to the large park, not quite knowing exactly where the trail was located in the park. We unloaded and noticed lots of moms with kids- clad in boots, pants, and hats- all heading in one direction, so we- in shorts, sandals, and hat-less- ambled along at our snail’s pace. Somehow I missed the trail head and we ended up walking alone down a service pathway with large concrete columns and nary a bluebell in sight. #bustIMAG0066 IMAG0068

On the way out I pulled over when I saw some bluebells and snapped these:


Look, kids! The things we came to see.


So our trip wasn’t entirely futile…still, I WILL find an actual trail this time around!

Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum Certifikid offers discounted admission tickets for this place from time to time. We’ve only been once to the new location but I’m excited for the girls to try out the new attractions since we were there last. The apple packing shed was a hit as well as the ambulance, which Evie still talks about.

I’m not sure how many of these we’ll manage to cross off the list; my default outing is always the local Farmer’s Market and they offer baked goods, so you can’t go wrong with that. ;)

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