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Weather around here can be iffy in the spring. Some days 50º is as good as it gets, while other days might start in the 40s but reach mid-70 by the afternoon, or we might get lucky and have an all-around mild/warm day.

I don’t like to be cold (slippers all year round!) so I’ve been throwing cardigans or scarves on most days and then de-layering as needed. Here are some outfits that I’ve been wearing some version of on a weekly basis:

*BTW- don’t mind the hand prints all over the mirror. I know the second I clean it some silent alarm will go off somewhere and the young ones will come running to my room for a boisterous session of mirror fingerprint art.*


∧∧∧Stripes are a fav no matter the season!IMAG1393

∧∧∧This was a go-to mass outfit; the wool sweater is now retired ’til next winter (yay!)IMAG1431

∧∧I love these jeans– they’re thicker and they don’t lose their shape. Also, I’m always a fan of darker wash but wanted to branch out with a lighter wash pair and these fit the bill.


I’ve posted about this sweater before, and it doesn’t look great here but it is SO comfortable and the drapey-ness so accommodating (ahem, those post-nursing moments). I was stopped by a girl at a church function who told me she and a handful of her co-workers have this sweater in several colors (tempting!), they love it that much…but it IS hand wash only- womp, womp.

Also, I’ve decided “investing” in a good pair of pants just isn’t realistic for me for the time being. Over the last five years I’ve run the gamut of pant sizes, so Old Navy’s jeans work in a- size up or down- pinch. I like the mid-rise fit of the ones above (Sweetheart, I think?) although they stretch out considerably up top in between washes.

As the temperatures increase I’m looking forward to wearing my maxi skirt and maybe shedding the cardigans, but all in good time. Cheers to spring’s arrival!