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One of my sister’s friends sells hair clips (among other things) in an Etsy shop, so a few weeks ago I stopped by her house to buy some for the girls’ Easter baskets and she asked if she could take a photo of Heidi wearing one for her shop. You can see her modeling debut here. :) I did buy some of those clips for her but I’m waiting to clip them in until her hairs are a bit longer. (I also love this fox clip and the cute bee!)


Having read about Dwija’s and Cari’s house buying/ selling tales of late put the thought into my mind that someone should start a housing story link up. So many readers left comments on the two blogs sharing struggles as well as amazing experiences of how things worked out for the good. Wouldn’t it be great for people in the realty process to have a place to turn to for solidarity and encouragement? (Because let’s be honest, the buying/ selling process can be an absolute crap shoot when you’re in the thick of it.) Anyways, it’s probably a harebrained idea but maybe some widely read blogger will pick it up and run with it. wink, wink.


Speaking of houses, we’ve had a ridiculous number of tree-removal companies stop by our house to give us their business cards. I am most definitely of the “don’t call us, we’ll call you” mindset when it comes to things like that- recently one company stopped by as I was loading the girls into the van. I *tried* my best not to sound exasperated as I told the employee that Tim had already spoken with a company, and several others had come by to offer quotes. The men pulled out of our driveway, then turned around and came back to give us their card and a hurried quote. I think Tim thinks I’m over-reacting but door-to-door soliciting really bothers me! I love getting mail- send us your info that way!

If you’ve seen What About Bob? you’ll remember this shirt.

Well, don’t hassle me, tree people; I live here!


So I turned to Etsy:IMAG1464

Bam. (It is a little on the small side…let’s hope it’s even seen.)


Easter week a beautiful forsythia bush bloomed in our backyard, making me super glad I hadn’t purged the grapevine wreath during a moving clean-out rampage. An idea bloomed (ha) in my mind, so on Holy Saturday I cut some branches and affixed them like so:

Forsythia wreath


And then when we returned home later that evening all the blooms had withered…but at least its beauty is immortalized in a photo. :) And thankfully you can buy fake flowers through Amazon Prime.


Maybe it’s just me but it seems to be pretty common now for stores to sell only dresses that hit above the knee (besides maxis), which is fine, but unless I’m going to an event sans kiddos, I need something knee-length or longer. Enter this cute little number from Old Navy (yes, the store that seems to ONLY sell above the knee skirts and dresses! Seriously.). I ordered the striped version this week and am crossing my fingers that it fits well!

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