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These non-traditional wedding bouquets– certainly unique! I love the look with the fans, too.

(The next two found via friends’ Facebook newsfeeds.)


This adorable boy with Down Syndrome flies in these photos taken by his photographer dad (with help from Photoshop). So cute. I can’t handle the one in the forest- those cheeks!


This week has been rough so far (and how is it only Tuesday?!): lots of solo-parenting hours with minimal “me” time. Most weeks I’m alone during the dinner/bathtime/bedtime routine- for usually 3-5 of the days- and while I’ve accepted that that is just our life right now, it isn’t always easy (understatement)…or without raised voices. This article really hit home. “We need the opportunity to exist, as a human being with a name and thoughts and ideas; as a person who is allowed to complete a thought. We need to be allowed to drive a car and use the bathroom without being pulled away and pressured. We just need a moment, or we’re going to fall apart.” YES. So much.


I don’t normally buy things for myself at Kohls but I took a gander since I was given a gift card, and so many things in this new line caught my eye. This pretty floral skirt, a cute striped tee, a colorful graphic tee…or how about a one-way ticket to Capri, please?


Why we loved Gilbert Blythe. “Crombie was an expert gazer. Through meaningful looks and other subtleties, he showed that Gilbert wasn’t threatened when Anne could spell “chrysanthemum” and he couldn’t; he appeared deeply concerned when she fell off the ridgepole, and didn’t mock her for braving it.”Anne and Gilbert.


I also loved Jonathan Crombie in The Jeweler’s Shop (where he starred alongside Jan from The Office!).

Those are my five. Linking up with Rachel who is hosting for Jenna this week- click on over!