Not that I ever observed it but it seems like such a sweet notion, doesn’t it? First lady Eleanor Roosevelt receives a May basket of flowers from young children in 1938.


The article above talks about celebrating May Day (May 1st) by leaving baskets of goodies and flowers on someone’s doorstep, ringing the bell, and then skedaddling. I’ve also heard about simply leaving a bouquet of flowers on a doorstep (ringing and running optional). Sweet nostalgia, I think that’s such a cute tradition!

(pictures below linked from Pinterest)Succulent, yellow and coral flowers :: photos by Kaitie Bryant Photography

Pink bikeGartenzauber | Kleine Blütenwunder - Gartenzauber

We don’t have any bouquet-able flowers in our yard (unless you count dandelions…), but there’s a purple crepe myrtle that has some promising blooms, so I’m thinking of putting some in a mason jar, adding a bit of twine and calling it a (May) day (bouquet). It’s the thought that counts, right? ;) Let’s bring back May Day!