I had a plan for this post and was going to pose by the lone tulip in our yard, but since the neighbors on both sides of our house were out and about I had to move my glamour shoot to a more strategic locale…DSC_2039

Garage it is.CSC_2045

This is the Old Navy Ponte tank dress that I mentioned in a previous post. It is super comfortable and I’m happy with how it fits. I’m not sure when Ponte-knit dresses became so prevalent but I’m loving them- have you tried any? I think it could use a belt, though, and I’ll need to make a new hole in a black leather one I thrifted to make it work.Floral shoes Joie de Vivre

Old wedges from Marshalls.


Yesterday I attended a local blogging conference which I hope to write more about this week (although I barely took any pictures). However, Rosie posted some great group shots, so you can check them out here! And of course be sure to visit Fine Linen and Purple too. :)