These are books I’ve read and loved (and re-read in some cases) ages ago when I was graduating to more “advanced” books than say, um, Nancy Drew or the Boxcar Children. (Although I’m not knocking either of those series because I would love to be Nancy’s friend and/ or hang out in an abandoned boxcar.) Anyway, here we go:

Cheaper by the Dozen I distinctly remember a family friend recommending this book when I was younger (maybe 12?) but it took a school requirement to get me to crack it open. And I am so glad I read it. Coming from a large family with a choleric dad, I could appreciate so many of the Gilbreth family’s moments, however I think it’s a book anyone would enjoy.

Favorite line (when the dad is threatening to send the oldest to the convent for bobbing her hair): “The Scarlet Letter. How Hester won her ‘A’.”

I picked up What Katy Did in my grade school library…and never returned it- oops! This was a book I read again and again and I think the first book I cried over. It follows the escapades of Katy and her younger siblings who are raised by their aunt and widowed father. (And somehow I totally missed that they did a made for TV movie of this book with Megan Follows- where have I been?! Obviously not watching enough made for TV movies…)

I honestly can’t remember much about The Bronze Bow but I know I really liked it when I read it in 7th grade! (So, another school read.)  It’s a novel set in the time of Christ and tells the story of eighteen-year-old Daniel bar Jamin who, full of hatred for the Romans, is determined to revenge his father’s death.

Outlaws of Ravenhurst– The setting is 17th century Scotland (and a wee bit takes place in Maryland). A boy who doesn’t know he’s royal! A castle! Hidden passageways! Outlaws dying for their faith! Exciting historical fiction for youth, to be sure.

My mom picked up a used copy of The Road from Home for me at a homeschool convention years ago and I’ve re-read it many times since. It’s written by the son of a survivor of the Armenian genocide (100th anniversary this year) and tells his mother’s story in her voice.Rainbow bookshelf

What about you? Any beloved books from your youngin’ days? I almost wish I kept a book list from back then so I could remember what else I read!

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