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For Mother’s Day I ordered my mom a scarf from World Market. Have you ever shopped there? Everything they sell seems to have an exotic flair, so I figured the “prayer shawl” description of the scarf I purchased was their fancy term for infinity scarf…but no. It was definitely a prayer shawl.

The obvious question is: how…? And my only answer is: I do not know.

I did not take notice of the (Hindu?) goddesses until Saturday afternoon when I was wrapping it! Obviously I was in need of a replacement gift and the only solution I saw was to load all three girls into the car for a trip to a nearby department store- I was by myself with the girls since Tim was out-of-town until late that night. I wouldn’t normally attempt such a feat, but necessity is the mother of shopping trips with young children in tow.

We made it in and out of the store unscathed (with a floral scarf, this time), and I realized how seldom my girls go into stores like that as evidenced by their “oohs” and “ahhs” the second we toddled through the door! (Also, on the way we passed by Wal-Mart and Evie remarked, “Mama, there’s Wal-Mart…your favorite store!”. Really not true but a valid guess since it’s one of the few stores we sort-of frequent.)


Our parish festival was a couple of weeks ago and one of the games all five of us participated in was the cake walk- which Audrey won!

And they had a slew of whole cakes to choose from which amazed me- I know sometimes the winner gets a cupcake instead, which is much easier for the organizers!

Well, Audrey picked a cake with yellow icing and sprinkles. My guess was that it was lemon flavored or maybe just plain vanilla inside.

Or this:IMAG1514

I cannot for the life of me figure out how the baker made a checkered pattern!

Definitely a cake to remember!


We have a lot of trees on our lot, which is not really my preference (give me sunlight and wide open fields!) but there are times when you can’t help but notice the beauty, like on mornings when you catch the sunlight filtering through the trees:

DSC_2107 DSC_2118 DSC_2119

Such pretty rays!


Last week I was pleasantly surprised to find lily of the valley blooming in our front yard and was even more surprised to find a small bleeding heart plant blooming next to a struggling azalea (someday we will be diligent about weeding and watering). The neat thing is that bleeding heart is white- I didn’t even know there were white ones!
Lily of the valley Joie de Vivre Lily of the valley White bleeding heart

Apparently the white bleeding heart does well in shade, so- perfect! We have plenty of that!


Funny story: Last week Evie and Audrey were digging in the front yard when they started yelling “Snake! There’s a snake!”. I hurried over to assess the situation and found the “snake” was a harmless little worm wriggling away (we don’t get out much). Later that day I went into the basement to finish some laundry and noticed something underneath the pool table. It looked like a stray shoelace but I knew it wasn’t there before and we don’t have random shoelaces lying around (but a plethora of socks, yes)…upon timid closer inspection…um, yes. A SNAKE! IN OUR HOUSE! It was just a baby snake but STILL! It came in! How did it come in?!?!

Thankfully Tim was home so he dealt with removing it from the premises. Shudder.

That’s all for now. I’m hoping the rest of the month (and years) will be reptile free!