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 Evie: “Mama, can you help me find heaven on this map?”IMAG1571

Evie: silence in the car and then…“Mama, is there a Saint Lucifer?”

Evie (the night after meeting a little girl named Braelyn at the park): “Mama, is there a Saint Braelyn?”CSC_2087

Audrey (piping up during our morning prayer): “Saint Jesus, have mercy on us.”

Evie: “When I’m a [religious] sister, I will have a bow on my veil. And it will be pink.” #sisternoncomformistDSC_2141

While watching Evie arrange her army of stuffed “friends” at bedtime she solemnly remarked, “Mother Teresa didn’t have any friends on her bed.” I stared blankly at her for a clueless moment and then recalled a page from her Mother Teresa book:IMAG1578Nope. No, I guess she didn’t.

Audrey (at the end of grace before every meal): “Amen, Maranatha. Come Lord Jesus. He is risen…Alleluia!”

And I think that about covers the liturgical year.

So, yeah. We have a just few things to clear up in matters of the faith.

Also Audrey, true to her contrarian nature, has decided to instigate the next big debate regarding modest fashion wearing, *gasp*... a onesie as pants! DSC_1842
Let the debates begin. ;)