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About a month ago as I was switching out my winter clothes for warm weather duds I noticed a gap in my options for casual t-shirts. That surprised me because usually I’m in need of dressier tops not vice versa.

It gets hot and muggy here in the summer, so all I want to wear are t-shirts and shorts, sometimes skirts, and maybe maxis will get a nod (although the other day I wore a maxi dress to an outdoor event and was roasting! Somebody please invent one with a vented skirt!).

For t-shirts I had something specific in mind:

  • not too low of a neckline- when I hold Grabby McGrabberson low necklines are never the right choice.
  • nothing too fitted or clingy- because, flab.
  • Preferably cotton/ something that will hold up to a lot of washings.
  • Visual interest a plus

And since this is starting to sound like a “wanted” ad…

Let the great t-shirt hunt of ’15 begin.

First up- I didn’t get a picture of the J. Crew Factory collector tee but it was an emphatic no the second I slipped it on. The shirt I ordered was so incredibly long it had to be tucked in/ folded under, but then you couldn’t read what it said, so what’s the point? Also, I was hoping the fabric would be more…stiff? or t-shirty? but this felt too clingy which wasn’t what I was looking for. Bummer because they have so many great graphic tee prints!

I ordered Everlane’s U-neck last fall and am not sure how I feel about it. It’s a little too fussy for my liking (I’m always adjusting the neckline), so I’m wondering if it went wonky with the first wash? It looks so much longer on the model! I’ve read many rave reviews of their tees- have you ordered anything from them? Anyway, in the future I’d consider ordering their drop-shoulder tee or the v-neck.Everlane U-neck Joie de Vivre

This Old Navy number I ordered on a whim during a sale and I really like it (although the sleeves, as you can see, aren’t plain like on their website). Visual interest was something else I was aiming for, since summer is too hot for scarves + necklaces and babies don’t mix super well I’ve found, and this fits the bill! It’s comfortable and just the right amount of slouch.

I used my Kohls giftcard to purchase this Milly tee. Maybe not quite in love with it but definitely in like. And, I might drive a minivan, take selfies in the kids’ bathroom, and don my pjs by 7pm every evening but Kate Bosworth and I have the same shirt, SO.IMAG1590

This Corilynn shirt is just what I was looking for (and on sale for $10!)…if it was just a tad less snug it would be perfect but I guess that’s what all those ab workouts on POPSUGAR are for? IMAG1577

So that’s that! Bring on summer. Any favorite places you’ve found t-shirts or summer tank-tops? I always find that once I have a very specific clothing item in mind it’s a challenge to find something that is juuust right, so hopefully these wardrobe additions will hold up for the next few months at least. ;)