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Last week provided some beautiful weather and a clear calendar, so we headed out to two of our bucket list destinations.

On Wednesday my sister and I went strawberry picking with our combined six kiddos. DSC_2182 DSC_2205 DSC_2207 DSC_2218DSC_2231 DSC_2242 DSC_2284 DSC_2294

Our trip was timed during Heidi’s morning nap and thankfully she slept in the carrier!
DSC_2241 DSC_2248 DSC_2279

The trip ended with one of my nephews ferried off to the ER (thankfully just a sprained ankle!), and poor Audrey spiked a fever when we got home but all-in-all it was a successful and fun outing- even with the several half-eaten strawberries lurking in our bucket. Thanks, kiddos. ;)


On Friday the girls were bounding full of energy inside, itching to go somewhere, so when I saw online that the pick your own flower fields had just re-opened my sanity was saved. Off we went.

DSC_2381 DSC_2324 DSC_2326

Evie LOVED the wooden shoes and was tickled pink (ha!) that the pink pair of shoes fit her perfectly.DSC_2333

 The colors, the detailed designs! *Swoon*


Somehow a request to smile translates to a look of consternation:DSC_2351

Even apprehensive Audrey was full of excitement once she found a purple pair akin to Mary Poppins’ carpet bag heels. :)DSC_2344EV

I was grieving inside that we had missed the tulip picking season (the pictures of the fields looked incredible) but one of the employees mentioned that next year they plan to plant one million (!!!) bulbs. I am so going.DSC_2359 DSC_2366 DSC_2372 DSC_2377One visitor warned us that she stepped in poison ivy in the field (NO THANK YOU), so that combined with hungry bellies made for a short and sweet picking session. It was just enough. I hope to return in July for sunflowers and Evie is eager to re-visit “the shoe park”. Ah, sweet spring, please stay forever.