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Reading• I’ve always felt like bit of a reading degenerate for not having read The Little House books, although a little less of late since others have mentioned they hadn’t read them growing up either. When I heard of this book I went ahead and requested it from the library (along with every other patron it seems), and the last I checked I was 17th in line to receive it. However, this week I received the email that it was available and when I went to pick it up, oh my, well, I did not expect it to be a tome. And I have three weeks to read it…here we go.


It doesn’t look especially large here, but when I first saw it I thought I had accidentally requested the LP version.

Baking • This incredibly delicious bread (Rosemary, Gruyere, and Lemon). I have a weakness for freshly baked bread and this easy recipe takes…the cake- or loaf? I can’t wait to try the same blogger’s recipe for a cranberry, walnut, and orange loaf!DSC_2178

Watching• A documentary on the Roosevelts via Amazon Prime. I love history. The miniseries is on my to-watch list as well, although I think that’s only on Netflix? This was one of Tim’s pick’s; he has a knack for finding interesting things to watch.

Cringing over• Spiders. Along with school buses and dump trucks they are the bane of my existence and their visits in our home are not infrequent. When I see them my reaction is not quite Vicky à la The Parent Trap, but close. Last weekend the largest spider was on the wall of our family room. And I don’t mean “wow that’s big”, I mean HUGE. A relative of Shelob. I sat almost paralyzed for a full minute after I saw it (Tim obviously took care of it). Later he remembered he left the flue to the chimney open so he thinks that’s how it came in…let’s hope it was that and not some secret hole we don’t know about!

•Growing• Not exactly sure what sprouts are what in our pots…I planted several seeds and only marked the pots with chalk which of course washed off right away. No matter; surprises are fun. :)DSC_2167

•Enjoying• Gummy smiles compliments of Heidi. I need to get a good close-up before more teeth start coming in. I just love seeing smiles that are all gums!DSC_2103

Laughing over• Evie’s latest dream. She woke up crying and when Tim went in to get her she wailed, “I don’t want mama to become a sister!”. Later Tim asked her why not and she said, “Because. I want her to stay herself.” :)

Listening too• The Newsies channel on Pandora. It is quite a random mix but sometimes random is right up my alley- lots of Les Mis, surf music, and, of course, Newsies. I’m always looking for new Pandora channels- any you prefer?