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We spent a fun week last week in a house with a lot of people, but it was also a house with a lot of people, so it was a little crazy at times- but mostly a good crazy.
CSC_2504Dragonfly DSC_0030 DSC_0050

This was a family vacation first (my side), as we were able to have two priests join us for most of the week, and Tim’s sister and her fam flew in all the way from Oregon! They stayed with us for a night on each end of the beach week and rented a cute little house just down the road from the one my family rented during the time in NC but spent most of every day at the “main” house. Two of my sister’s friends also joined in the beach hullabaloo one from OH and one from ID- and my sister and her husband drove up from FL. It was a revolving door of arrivals and departures all week but still good to spend at least a little time with everyone.
DSC_2553 DSC_2706 DSC_2724

The house had a theater room and although I only watched about a half hour’s worth of a movie, it was a pretty sweet experience- I can totally see why these rooms are a thing.DSC_2736 DSC_2772

Sun, sand, and water = perfect recipe.DSC_0063


The kids busily making shell necklaces compliments of Auntie A.


Beautiful Plumerias my sister grows!


She would’ve eaten the whole bag if I’d let her…but I love them just as much. ;)


Heidi is above selfies, unlike her eager mother.

The a/c on the floor our bedroom was located on was broken for the first few days and PTL it was able to be fixed! I’m not familiar with Dante’s Inferno, but sleeping in an 80°+ room with three little kids has got to be at least part of one of those circles. I’m sure he would agree, first world problem notwithstanding. DSC_2394 DSC_2485 DSC_2502 DSC_2510 DSC_2516 DSC_0028 DSC_2581

I’m so glad my girls got to visit and play with family- especially cousins they don’t see often. It was a great to unplug and take a break from home life while spending time with likewise unplugged extended family in a place everyone loves.DSC_2602 Daddy DSC_0040 DSC_2389

With each passing year I do appreciate the routine of home life and at least the hope of personal time during daily naps, but it is rough coming down from the high of vacation and visiting relatives. Ho hum.
DSC_2500Sunbeams DSC_2586

Last night Evie was making loud sounds in her room and when I went up to hush her she said, “Oh, I was just thinking about fun times in Topsail.”

Can’t argue with that, Evie girl.