Why, yes, we sold that house months ago, so this information is no longer relevant but since I meant to blog about it way back when, I thought I’d go ahead and sneak the few before and after photos into a post.

When it came time to put our house on the market Tim and I made a short list of things we needed the contractor we were working with to take care of:

  • Fix the glass in the kitchen cabinet that came out a few months after we moved in
  • Replace the vanity + mirror in the half bath
  • immobilize the dishwasher

Our realtor (who knows the contractor personally) also compiled a list of things she wanted him to work on- mostly relating to the exterior. At first I was hesitant about her ideas, not wanting to pour more money into the house since we had already updated so much before we moved in. I was more than okay with selling it as-is. Then I recalled a time one of my friends was coming to visit us for the first time. She got confused and drove to the neighbor’s house behind us and when she called I told her our house was the one closer to the main road. She replied, “Is it the trailer?”. So, yeah, on second thought, I decided, it couldn’t hurt to spruce up the exterior.

Here’s a before shot:


When we first moved in there were gigantic hostas under that picture window, devouring the walkway and very tall, overgrown bushes all along the right side (facing the house) of the driveway. Tim removed all of those and eventually created a pseudo-patio out front with bricks that came with the house.

The contractor added shutters, painted the wrought iron, and the base of the house (FTR we didn’t pick the colors…), window boxes were hung (not pictured), and mulch was added along the side.


There wasn’t a gutter above the front stoop so over time the step separated due to pressure from water pouring down over time: CSC_8269Our contractor (I feel weird saying that over and over, so we’ll call him Joe)- Joe and his team worked some magic and fixed the stoop + added a gutter above. I was a-mazed at the transformation:

They also smoothed over some cracks in the walkway:DSC_8210

Next, granite counter-tops resealed:DSC_8151

I mentioned re-vamping this half bath before, but just for kicks I’ll add the picts again. I never took a good “after shot”, but the light fixture was also replaced and the paint was touched up.

So much unappealing going on here:



Other things completed but not pictured:

  • shelf added above washer + dryer in laundry room
  • wood paneling in the laundry room painted
  • new light fixture in full bath
  • House siding and walkway power-washed

I found it challenging to decide, along with Tim of course, what the happy medium was in regards to house projects. I felt like there was always something more we could do to make the house more appealing to buyers (i.e. having the driveway paved all the way up- which we decided not to do). Should we replace the mailbox? Could the tile in the half bath turn off every single potential buyer? What if that lighter sections of the walls from all the Magic Eraser I had to use becomes a deal breaker? In the end we were at peace with the projects that were completed and at (nearly) the last minute before closing we had to have a new a/c unit installed, so I am VERY glad we didn’t do more. I guess with all of this I (from my very limited experience!) just want to say don’t feel like you need to overhaul your entire home to sell it- there will always be more to do! But don’t shy away from projects that will add curb appeal (looking back, that front stoop was some kind of awful) or freshen up the inside. Every little bit helps!