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Evie had her preschool “graduation” the week before last. She’ll be going to our parochial school next year for pre-K, which is bittersweet (for me) since we really enjoyed her school this past year and all the teachers and staff. I felt similarly nostalgic when she finished her (once a week, thirty minute, very low-key) ballet class last year, and I have to wonder why must I be so sentimental about these things because there are 17+ more years of program/ grade completions in my future and how will I not be a schmaltzy fountain of tears by the end of it all? Ugh.

Anyway, while processing in with her class, Evie immediately hung her head (same as during her Christmas program) as soon as she spied family and didn’t lift it up until a few minutes into the class recitations. Later she told me, “I didn’t like everyone looking at me.” Oh my sweet girl.

DSC_0168 DSC_0183 DSC_0193

Cookies always make everything better.

Afterward there was a low-key cookie reception where the parents could pick up their child’s art project portfolio and “journal” (keepsakes which I will hoard forever and ever!) This little gem was in Evie’s “journal”:


I just love this caption. She is an egg-eating fiend, so of course she would color in an egg and label it a depiction of herself.


I posted a similar photo to the one below on Instagram a few weeks ago…IMAG1664

so twice I’ve been ambushed by a frog whilst re-potting plants. This one popped up just like that. Snakes, gigantic spiders, jack-in-the-box frogs…I am not Wilderness Woman! A move to the desert might be in my future (is there one without scorpions?).


I recently joined Instagram. I had thought about it off an on for a couple of years, but I always thought I’d be too tempted to constantly compose perfect little snapshots of my life, so I never joined. Until recently. I decided to try it out in order to keep in better touch with certain friends and family who aren’t on FB, also my camera phone isn’t that great anyways, so that’ll keep me in check. ;)

However, I thought it was fortuitous that two bloggers I follow recently wrote heartfelt posts about their weaknesses with Instagram:

The Thing About Instagram.  “It is all a jumble of good, bad and ugly when it comes to social anything…be it media or personal.  But mostly I find that it makes me work hard on me..my own faults, my own pride and my humility.”

Why I Stopped Getting Dressed for Instagram. “I tried to pretend that this wasn’t my issue for a long time. But when I began to look at my camera roll and saw a view like this, I began to realize there was a problem.”

Definitely words that will be good for me to revisit from time to time.