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My dad had surgery last Thursday and has been in the hospital since then (hoping he’ll be discharged today!). When I went to visit him this week he was tearing up while listening to his iPod- specifically this song. I made sure to listen to it when I got home and…check! Added to summer play list.

Whether you identify as an introvert or an extrovert, you’ll get a kick out of this list. (My favorite is the wall decal “I only care about coffee and like two people”.)

This? Made my day and made me laugh tears. Mom Takes Children’s Songs Literally. “GET THAT BABY OUT OF THE TREE. NOW.”

I love perusing photos of wedding dresses and this story of an 127-year old family dress takes the cake. The bride’s great-great grandmother, grandmother, aunt, and mother all wore the same dress!

If I don’t request library books for the girls ahead of time, chances are we’ll end up with some wackadoo reads in our stack due to haphazard grabbing off the shelves. SO, I’ve been consulting this list for picture book recommendations (100 of them!). Problem solved.

It is Friday.

Enjoy your weekend!