I’ve never thought of myself as a “repeat the same basic outfit daily” kind of person, but this summer I realized that I do sort of have a uniform when it comes to warm weather clothes: shorts, top, flip-flops. The end. (I know- positively revolutionary!) Sometimes I throw my maxi skirt or jeans into the mix, but that’s about it (for day-to-day wear).

It’s pretty basic but I’m okay with that. Simple outfit decisions and non-fussy clothes make life easier. :)
Summer styleI was a bit shortsighted when first looking for summer tops since some didn’t match more than one pair of shorts (also, I ended up with a lot of blue?). There’s nothing more irksome than having all the shirts that match your one clean pair of shorts balled up  in the hamper. So during a big sale at Loft I ordered some more tops (including this tank and this tank – no blue!) and a pair of white scalloped shorts (LOVE).

Here are my short options and maxi skirt:


And a few favorite combos:

Lace-front top via Twice /  Embroidered top* / Slouchy linen tee

I love the dressier look sandals add but I haven’t quite found the right pair, so I rotate between two pairs of flip-flops and my Sanuk slip-ons. Sometimes I wear a hat and/ or a necklace if I’m leaving the house but necklaces are still a gamble since they’re bound to get yanked and gnawed on.

It’s a nice feeling to have a squared away wardrobe for this season; I’m *hoping* to try Stitch Fix in a few months for cold weather clothes, but one season at a time, right? ;)

*The sides are starting to pill, so wouldn’t recommend!