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When there’s a fresh set of ears around here, they get bombarded with questions and a wealth of information.

Here are some tidbits that were fired off as the poor souls were either working or just trying to relay information to Tim…story of my life, come to think of it.

To the air conditioning man:

Will you play wif me?

I have a watering can.

I have a watering can too!

That’s my mom’s purse. That’s hers.

That purse belongs to my momma.

We were playing wif da water table!

I do baw-ay! See?


Ballet demo for a literally captive audience.

To the neighbor giving Tim directions on feeding their animals:

We’re watching “The King and I”! (We were watching a YouTube video of the “Shall We Dance?” scene.)

That’s the king and that’s I.

I’m going to Siobahn’s house.

Dat’s my sista, Heidi.

What are your chicken’s names?

You’re going to get wet from the rain.DSC_0289

To the contractor working out front:


Hi, Man!

How did you get up there?!

We’re going to the library.

We’re going to the play library!

We’re going to the BEST playground. (But nope.)

Me: Audrey, please get in your seat and buckle up.

Audrey: I need to tell the man something first.

Audrey to the man: We’re going to the libwawy.

We’re going to WAL-MART!

What are you doing? What is he doing?

We have bananas!

And I’m sure in their eyes we are a little bit bananas.