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Last August when we had a contract on our house and could (finally!) start house hunting for real (I don’t think a day went by that summer that I wasn’t checking MLS listings just because you never know!) we saw a house online that Tim and I were both certain was “the one”, just from looking at the photos and reading the details. The very next day our Realtor took us to see it but one thing after another started to disappoint me- I so very much wanted to like it but there were so many little things that felt “off” when it came to envisioning ourselves living in it.

(Current yard)

(Current yard)

The front yard was one HUGE hill (not something we could tell from the photos) and I did not want to think about getting up and down that driveway in the winter- not to mention the hill would be a nightmare when it came to getting kids in/ out of the car. I could just see myself chasing a roll-away or runaway child down that hill every.single.time. The backyard also was mostly uphill , so also a let down for me. The property was over and acre but so very little was usable for the kids to play. Then there were a lot of little cons about the inside too- one of the bedrooms was on the main floor right next to the kitchen, the basement was split into 4 different rooms and what I would call barely finished, and lots of the finishes weren’t as nice in person as they looked in the pictures (laminate counters and not granite like they seemed). Believe me, at this point I just wanted a house and wasn’t picky about finishes at all (just give me four walls and in-door plumbing), but it was disappointing to see beautiful pictures online and then have the “in-person” viewing not have the same impact. So when the layout didn’t quite measure up to what I was hoping for for our growing family and the play yard proved to be very small, my heart sank knowing this house wasn’t going to work for us. The funny thing was Tim was not at all ready to walk away from this option. I had a knot in my stomach as I was so worried we would get into a big disagreement about such a huge decision!

That night our Realtor sent us some more links to possible houses. One of them I had seen before but had dismissed because it was a Tudor style. I DO NOT prefer that style, but because we were desperate to find a place quick, I took another look. The pictures weren’t the best quality, but everything about the house seemed to match up to what we were looking for.  We eagerly sent a reply asking to see it the next day. My first impression when I walked in was that it was nicer than the pictures, and although so much about this house was similar to the gigantic hill house, nothing felt off about this one (and it had a nice flat yard!). This house was also closer to Evie’s school, our church, and about five minutes away from my parent’s house (the other was at least a thirty-minute drive from all these things!). It had also just come back on the market days before and down in price, since the former buyers’ financing fell through- it was well out of our price range before. We put an offer in and the rest is history. Crazy how God works, isn’t it? And I’m sure He was laughing at me, Mrs. No-Tudor Style-Homes-Ever-EVER.


The house hasn’t been without its headaches and project$ but we’re grateful to be here. And a funny twist to our house saga (last post about this, promise!) is that we recently hired a contractor to remove the wood and put up siding (aka no more Tudor) only because there are signs of water damage and we want to get the problem taken care of now instead of possibly dealing with more wood problems down the road as well. But I have to admit I’m sad to see the unique look go. More laughs on God’s part, I am sure. ;)