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We celebrated Evangeline’s 4th birthday a few weeks early this year so the girls could have one last hurrah with their cousins who moved this past week…to Hawaii (I know- totally rotten military assignment).



I wanted to do something a little more than a casual family gathering while still keeping things simple, so when Evie mentioned she wanted a pink party (again) I whipped out some of the decorations from last year and ordered a couple of crepe paper additions. Done!

I wasn’t aware I ordered the “Honey, I blew up the party decorations” versions until I went to hang them up…but luckily almost four-year-olds don’t care about that kind of thing.CSC_0433 (2)


BTW- this year I learned that letting your kids decorate the cake (we used those shimmery Sixlets) offers the best of both worlds. They are over the moon excited to help decorate and YOU don’t have to sweat about making a fancy schmancy cake. Pressure’s off.


In keeping with the thematic hues of blush and bashful, I decided to try that zebra cake trick using three different shades of pink.


It didn’t quite come out like I imagined…but at least it was pink!DSC_0426


Evie story: Her cake and ice cream sat untouched as she downed slice after slice of watermelon and handfuls of salt and vinegar chips. It’s my party and I’ll eat what I want to…DSC_0420 DSC_0422


When I saw that the forecast was calling for rain I decided ahead of time to make playdough to have on hand to keep the kiddos occupied until the food/ cake/ presents part of the party got underway. Contrary to what this picture shows, it actually did occupy all the kids for a good amount of time- cheap entertainment ftw. :)


Totally unrelated and I know *yawn* I’ve shown similar photos before, but I can’t get over how pretty these morning sunbeams are!DSC_0448 DSC_0447 DSC_0445

I just feel like any day they’ll shine on a hidden keyhole that will lead to Narnia…wait…maybe I’m getting my fantasy fiction mixed up. Time to head to Kelly’s for more quick takes!

Have a good one.