When Anne B. announced her 2015 reading challenge for Modern Mrs. Darcy I was all:liz lemon animated GIF

I was gonna be blasting through books like nobody’s business (seriously, how do those book bloggers read SO MANY books in one month?!). And then Amazon Prime kept adding seasons of The Amazing Race, and I kept picking up more chick-lit books, and life happened, and here it’s July and I still have all the challenging books left to read. Because, of course.

But I wanted to post an update anyway since I can’t quite remember what books I picked out for each category. Here’s where I’m at:

Victoria’s Daughters– I picked this from my Goodreads “to read” list. I had two major thoughts about this book: First, thank the good Lord for modern medicine, especially in regards to childbirth. There are some horrific birthing stories recounted here and it breaks my heart that there was so much tragedy associated with birth back then. Secondly, I found it ironic how children of royalty, destined to be leaders of countries or hold positions of power, were raised in ways that surely were not especially conducive to the making of capable and exemplary adults.

Like Living Among Scorpions (e-book)– cheating a little with this since it didn’t come out until July and its existence wasn’t even announced until days before I read it. My original choice was Cary Elwes’ As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride which I still want to try to read! Anyways, a compilation of essays from Jennifer Fulwiler’s blog = a great read fo’ sho’.

Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science (genre don’t typically read)- I’ve since read another of Atul Gawande’s books and would like to read more. He offers a unique look into a surgeon’s world as well as raises good questions about health, the medical field etc. I considered this read a gentle introduction into the medical section…before I delve into “to-read” titles such as, Pox: An American History.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before– I chose this one for the cover and the book itself is now a favorite- I loved how the author gives the reader access to all the main character’s thoughts. As I was perusing reviews I think it’s safe to conclude that haters of the book do not relate at all to the main character; I felt like I was reading the journal of my teenage self…so definitely could relate!

Home of Our Hearts (a favorite author)- Tim always teases me about books by this author but I don’t care. Christy & Todd 4-ever.

The Little Lady Agency (someone with great taste)- I really enjoyed this fun, cute read and am looking forward to picking up the sequels.

Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives (bestseller list)- I didn’t feel there was anything groundbreaking in this book (like make intentional choices and simple changes) and yet I thought the whole book was inspiring and fascinating. Also, I loved the parts in the beginning where she discussed the importance of knowing yourself and introduces the Four Tendencies. This is very much a book I should have taken notes on as I read!

That’s all I have for now and *we’ll see* if I have all the categories crossed off come December…MMD Reading challenge