Funny story- when my brother and (now) SIL went to pick up our cake the morning of the wedding it wasn’t close to being finished because our order was forgotten…we did end up with a cake although the decoration is more than a little haphazard and sad looking, as you can see…cue life lesson #1- Life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned. ;)

Our wedding day seems like a lifetime ago and yet at the same time I can’t believe it has already been five years. In five years we’ve seen births and deaths, moved three times, gone through multiple vehicles (when we started out Tim had a tiny, used pick-up truck and I drove a little two-door Civic…three kids in and I’m glad we upgraded in size!), traveled overseas, eaten a lot of good food, and have spent hundreds of ordinary, routine days together.

Last night we went out to an Italian restaurant and unintentionally placed our meal choices in our waiter’s hands. We don’t get out by ourselves often, so when we do I am all about enjoying every second- carpe-ing the diem out of each date; when I realized our waiter was going to decide our menu for us I knew I could either be put out that I wasn’t going to get my spaghetti carbonara and chocolate cake or I could go with it and relish the surprise meal (we were not disappointed it was superb!). I feel like that was a gentle anniversary nudge from God to seek peace when my plans aren’t actualized and that letting go (yes, even of food choices! ;) can bring joy.

I’m grateful for the time Tim and I have had together and look forward to any time God will give us. Cheers to the years. :)