We’ve been making the slightest of strides here and there decorating rooms and arranging furniture over the last several months…a picture hung here a piece of furniture placed there. Heidi’s current room is my favorite place in the house- with its simple set-up it’s easy to keep tidy, and I love how the afternoon sunlight floods the room.

I wasn’t sure how to singularly display the crosses the girls have each been gifted, so I decided to make a “cross wall” and I liked how it turned out. :)

These cubes (from Amazon) are a favorite because you can position them however you want, plus- storage!


I’m not sure where to move the colorful hand placard (below), which was a gift, and we have a similar placard with the same colors…they’ll go on the same wall, wherever that may be.

I’m also eager to paint the girls’ rooms- I’m not in love with the color and the ceilings are all painted the same color too which drives me a little crazy! I picked out a bunch of paint samples the other week which makes me feel like I’m really moving a long with my lofty painting goals (but things are really just stagnant).


A few other project-y tidbits I have in mind (meaning- completion slated for sometime between now and the end of my days):

We could use more dining room chairs, so when I saw the chairs below at a thrift store for $7 I snatched two of them up! They don’t match our current chairs at all but, hey- eclectic! I’d like to eventually do something with them…maybe paint?


And I’m in the middle of giving a ring holder and vase a little face-lift with some spray paint (our front porch accidentally got some too-woops!). It’s been slow going waiting for sides to dry before flipping them over. And I need to be lame for a minute and complain…lately nap time ALWAYS finds either Heidi awake but the older two girls go right to sleep, or the girls are wired and bouncing around in their room while Heidi is sleeping, so I’m constantly up and down the stairs hushing them lest they WAKE THE BABY! It’s driving me nuts and leaving me with barely any time to myself!0818151830a 0818151830b


I think I mentioned working to re-vamp our living room back in February and it is mostly put together except for the last few straggler pictures that need to be hung- there’s always the stragglers!

And, oh look, nap time has suddenly ended- back to the trenches.