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A couple of weeks ago Tim’s youngest brother came to visit so we made plans earlier in the summer to rented a house with a friend-couple and their young son at the beach. This trip was especially memorable as we headed straight to an Urgent Care as soon as we drove on to the island. Poor Heidi was fighting an ear infection and conjunctivitis and those combined with teething made for a miserable last couple of hours in the car for her. Thankfully we were in and out faster than we ever are at our doctor’s office and we got a free sample of eye antibiotics (which happened to be expired by a couple of months but they seemed to do their job?), so mostly enthusiastic yay!
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The house had a tiny kitchen and one small living area so I was a little nervous how that would work out with five adults and four kids but we made do everyone seemed to have enough space to unwind, and we mostly had good weather except for one day of rain which we spent browsing shops.
DSC_0844 DSC_0664 DSC_0795

One of my favorite sights that week was the pelicans resting on the old pier.DSC_0744 DSC_0811 CSC_0849

We hadn’t ever had a trip where one of our girls was in the crawling stage (I don’t think), so I didn’t know what to expect for Heidi during beach time; she mostly stayed put on the blanket under the umbrella thanks to a steady supply of snacks and beach paraphernalia to keep her hands occupied. :) On our last beach day she finally took off on the wet sand and seemed to love covering herself with it. The biggest challenge, though, was keeping her covered with sunblock and she did get burned cheeks a couple of days in a row. :(DSC_0774 CSC_0772

Spending a week away with family and friends was truly a welcome breather before the busyness of September sneaks into our lives. It was also a nice time of year to be there since the island wasn’t very crowded at all but shops and restaurants were still open- kids getting picked up by school buses is a strange sight to see at the beach!0826151150a 0828150944

During the week I received the last hole punch in my fudge card that I had been working on for several years (life goals and all), so right before we left for home we stopped at the fudge shop to pick up our free pound. #priorities. :)