0923151828a-2Meal planning and I have an on-again, off-again relationship. I know it would make my life 1000x easier and I’ve really tried to stay on the wagon but once I’m off, I’m off for a good while, and I just can’t seem to make the good habit stick.

Lately, when I do “plan ahead” it looks something like this: open up Pinterest and begin browsing my meal board for delicious-looking (simple!simple!simple!) ideas. Or on a Monday I’ll dedicate three minutes to thinking through what available ingredients and protein (I think) we have in the house and go from there.

Maybe someday I’ll master the habit of planning the week’s meals in advance but until that time my plan of attack is to consistently have certain ingredients on hand for my little stash of go-to recipes, so my mediocrity doesn’t burn us too bad in the dinner department. And those meals are…

Tacos- So, so simple; I love this dinner. I try to regularly stock up on Trader Joe’s ground turkey and all natural packets of a taco seasoning mix I buy at our grocery store.

Fajitas (along the same vein)- our Walmart started stocking these tortillas; I don’t love going to that store but for those tortillas I’ll make the trek.

Parmesan chicken tenders– I mention these too often but they’re so good and cook quickly!

Baked pork chops with apples– we don’t buy pork chops a lot, so this requires a bit of fore-thought, but other than that almost all the ingredients are probably in everyone’s pantry and the best part (for me) is that there’s no stove-top cooking of the chops.

Pizza- I’ve started making the Pioneer Woman’s dough recipe regularly since the (simple!) recipe makes dough for two pizzas and it’s freeze-able.

Some variation of this sour cream-mix chicken

World’s Best Chicken (we eat a lot of chicken)

Thai peanut sauce chicken- I wish I could find the recipe online to link to, but I can’t find one with the same ingredients. Anyways, the sauce is easily blended, the chicken I usually marinade in Korean bbq sauce (providing I have it on hand), make some rice and a veggie and done.

Breakfast for dinner!

Also, Costco rotisserie chicken and baked potatoes + a veggie is a colder month staple ’round here.

AND there’s nothing like knowing you’ll have minimal meal prep, so I like to pick up a frozen dinner (kale and spinach pie or orange chicken) to have on hand for those days when I have absolutely nothing thawed out ahead of time.

Any go-to meals or ingredients you regularly keep on hand? I love a glimpse into other people’s kitchens and I’d love to hear more ideas! :)