My sister suggested doing an apple theme for Heidi’s 1st birthday which turned out to be just right because it was super easy (and cheap!) to put together.

I love this cute photo of Heidi that my sister took a few weeks ago at an apple orchard:
Apple themed party 0927151526-2

All the party paraphernalia I purchased from the Dollar store or scrounged from things we had around the house…

Preschool artwork for the win!0927151556-20927151148b-20927151143

For a Happy Birthday “banner” I printed out apples via Pinterest and had the big girls color them and then help add the glitter- Evie’s are the meticulously colored ones and Audrey’s are a bit more…eclectic. ;)
apple themed party 0925151637-2

We celebrated on Heidi’s actual birthday with my family and two of Tim’s sisters who were in town. My mom graciously made an apple pie for dessert and we also had cupcakes for the kids. 0927151525a-2

Little miss kept curiously sticking two fingers into her cupcake for a taste, and then another, and another…after a while we could tell by her chocolate covered face that she was a fan (chocoholics unite!).0927151358-2

Her feisty personality is definitely coming out- I’m always in awe when the baby turns into a little person with big personality right before my eyes. She holds her own with her big sisters and lets her preferences be known but still loves to be held, cuddled, and doted on. She’s our earliest one to stand and cruise and has recently mastered the stairs (help!). She doesn’t let a hair clip stay in her hair for more than ten seconds but then tries to put it back on her head herself. :) She has the goofiest head-bobbing/ upper-body-moving dance she performs when she’s feelin’ the music; I lovelovelove to watch it. Happy 1st Birthday, Heidi, we’ll eat you up, we love you so!0924151723-2