Over the last year we’ve gotten a few comments about how Heidi’s name evokes thoughts of yodeling, which I guess is not far-fetched considering this book.

Screenshot (5)

(Name that movie.)

 Although we were under no Alpine influences when we chose her name (just good old-fashioned “we liked it” with an added bonus of patron St. Adelaide), who knows? Maybe she will have a long, rewarding career as a professional yodeler…she definitely has a penchant for squawking already- and all of God’s creatures have a place in the choir.

Anyways, name anecdotes aside, I wanted to post her month to month photos all in one place. I petered out with the blocks after month ten, but her first year is documented and that was my goal (that and surviving). :)Heidi's year

Also, on a wall in our house we have all three girls’ baby photos lined up and I was wanting to see what they looked like “side by side” a little older (eleven months)…
Three babies

That’s all for now. Hope your week is off to a good start!