Our living room is almost complete (well, as complete as it can be budget-wise ;) except for some straggler wall art that needs to be hung, buuut that’s not exactly a high priority on the to-do list so I’m just gonna post pictures anyway.


The “after” is nothing to write home about but it isΒ an improvement over the bedlam it once was.


The rockers don’t necessarily go with everything else but I love ’em and they fold up easily when need be. Also, maybe someday we’ll budget for a…less busy area rug- the one below is Tim’s that he was heavily pressured into buying when we were in Turkey (rug shop owners are ridiculously intimidating!).DSC_1001

The furniture layout isn’t quite what we planned- we acquired the piano in the spring and it cuts off that little bookshelf next to the fireplace but this was definitely the room to put it in. And I originally wanted the stuffed chair to go in the middle of the room and face the bookshelf which would be against that wall, however it slides so easily that it needed to go against a wall instead.DSC_0999

Several months ago I threw up some pictures on existing nails just to have something on the walls…someday we’ll switch them out. :)

We have two light gray, white, and yellow throw pillows that I wanted to put on the couch but the couch + chair are more brown that I thought so I’m not sure how well the colors would go- thoughts?DSC_1002

We obtained the white shelf and piano second-hand from two Knights in Tim’s K of C council- I love having a piano in the house!1012151613-3 1012151612_HDR-2

The play kitchen was handed down to us from cousins who moved this summer. This obviously isn’t the ideal place for it- some day we’ll set up the basement as the kids’ space and put most of their toys down there.DSC_1003

The curtains are from Urban Outfitters and the rod is from Overstock.com. I had to wash one panel thanks to chocolate fingers that eagerly left their mark, and it shrunk. Womp, womp.DSC_1011So that’s our living room! I’ll let you speculate as to how often it stays in this intended state (especially with that play kitchen just itching to serve its synthetic food to the rest of the room ;).