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Deidre from Like Mother Like Daughter recently put out two posts: Why We Love Being Medically Uninsured, which I thought gave a great look at using a cost-sharing ministry. We joined the same ministry several months ago and while it’s not the right (or possible) choice for everyone (as evidenced by the some of the comments!), it’s been a good experience for us thus far.


When we were first married we were on my health insurance since it was cheaper, however, when Evie was nine months old we switched our family to Tim’s insurance since I dropped my hours back at work and no longer qualified for benefits. (Ironic aside- our first year I chose the cheapest plan thinking we wouldn’t have many medical visits and in that year we had a baby and Tim had an ER visit which resulted in an appendectomy- you really never know what’s coming you way.) On Tim’s plan were paying A LOT in health insurance each month, so he began looking at other options which landed us with Samaritan. I’ll admit stating “self-pay” at the doctor’s office took a little getting used to for me, and there have been minor hiccups along the way, but knowing we’re paying less each month has been a relief! (I don’t mean this to come off as look at what we’re doing- it is clearly the best option!- just wanted to share our experience. :)


Some favorites from around here…


Evie colored this picture at school and what I love so much about it is that she colored the elephant purple- not because she wanted to have a purple elephant- but because the other elephant looks purple and so that’s what hers must be too. She is very by the book- I love these glimpses into her personality. :)1010151703


If you’re like me and eagerly awaiting Sherlock’s BBC return in January (I think, right??) you might fancy Arthur and George -about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle- on Masterpiece.


I’ve been enjoying reading The Little House in the Big Woods to the older girls; my only experience with those books is from Pioneer Girl which I finished this summer but now I wish I had read the series previously so I could better recall which parts were embellished or altered for the young audience.


Some fall favorites:

This thrifted gingham shirt that I can’t wear enough! A soft denim jacket that has sure come in handy since winter coats are my only other outerwear. And high-waisted flares that I bought on super clearance right after Evie was born and have worn every year since- these back and forth trends make me laugh because I can’t afford to ditch any of my pants year-to-year! They should make a graphic tee: All the trends, all the time. ;)


I have to admit I’m more than a little intrigued by the Tiny House craze– not for myself but more in a “I can’t not read about/ watch” way. With all the remarks about how cute every petite appliance, nook, and cranny is I just can’t help but wonder if some of these people aren’t just in it for the initial excitement of playing little house…like Marie Antoinette and her hamlet– the locale she would go behind Versailles to “play peasant”. Sure, some of the 150 sq. ft. houses look charming, but maybe a tree house getaway in a backyard would suffice?

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Oh, and as for the bonus question “Who is your favorite blogger that you discovered through Quick Takes?”– hmm, I’ve found so many favorite blogs through link ups and links on other blogs that it’s all a big jumble in my head, but I’m pretty sure I found Dwija’s blog through 7QT, and she’s a fav, so there you go!