Two Sundays ago we stopped by a local school on the way home from mass to take a closer look at some trees that were sporting some gorgeous orange leaves. The girls had a blast (“There is so much fings to do!”) which was a nice reminder that kids can find fun in the simplest activities.1018151141b-2

We’ve had a few beautiful weeks of fall weather set off by such colorful autumn leaves- vibrant red, brilliant yellow, and fiery orange…even overgrown woodsy areas along the road look so pretty; I keep wanting to stop the van and take photos of it all! Since the mosquitoes have vamoosed the girls have also been happily playing in the yard every day instead of us going places which is fine with me. ;) I’m just not quite looking forward to the darker evenings starting next week (stay far away, winter blahs). 1018151138b-2 1018151139c-2

We went to an Oktoberfest last weekend, and while we gorged on pretzel dogs and brats as Evie was jiving along to the Bavarian Polka tunes she informed us, “I LOVE this pirate music!”. #cultured1018151142a 1018151139g-2

Have you watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries? I started it a while back but couldn’t really get into it. However, it’s recently been keeping me occupied as I trudge along on our ancient, duct-taped (but free!) treadmill. I’m the kind of exerciser who desperately needs to be tuned in to some form of entertainment in order to get any work out time logged, so the short episodes are helping me out. :)


Happy Tuesday and may your Halloween and All Saints’ costumes be coming along smoothly. :)