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Tonight I was mixing up some batter for applesauce bread for tomorrow’s breakfast, thinking “what if that was the last egg I used up this morning?” and, yup, it was, AND I was just at the grocery store today…so no breakfast bread. This is pretty much how blogging has been for me lately- not getting much of anything done.

Anyways, on to the rest of this post.

Halloween feels like it was ages ago but I still wanted to post this year’s photo for posterity’s sake!1031150949-2

Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and a strawberry

Linking up with Sarah!

I enjoy baking (well, mostly devouring) seasonal goodies and love the idea of celebrating feast days with food but for the big days like All Saints’ Day I just didn’t really get anything exciting on the table (I so very much wish our parish threw an All Saints’ party for the kids; something like what Bonnie recapped would be grand!)…so, I’m thanking the Lord for picture books to mark this time of year. Requesting and picking up titles from the library doesn’t take much effort and- they add a touch of festivity! So, win.

I was bummed our library didn’t have this book; it looks like a cute one for Thanksgiving!

We just read this today and I’m smitten with the old-timiness of it.

Another library request that I hope comes through soon is for the This is America, Charlie Brown DVD. The episode I want to show Evie and Audrey is a Peanuts rendition of the Mayflower voyage and the first Thanksgiving. It’s really cute and I’m looking forward to showing it to them- if the library queue complies (pretty please do!).


I loved Kelly’s idea of preparing and Advent list for each day leading up to Christmas and hope to try it this year. I usually work better the opposite way- having a list of ideas I can check off instead of every thing scheduled for a specific time, but for some reason I feel like having a day for every one thing (even the small ones) will feel less “must do all the things”, for me. All in good time. :) Anyone else glad it’s still early-ish November? Thanksgiving and Advent are in sight but it’s still not quite go/do/preparenownowNOW time.