Do your kids have goofy routines or back and forth exchanges that make perfect sense only to them?1106151549a-3-2

After night prayers several months ago Evie and Audrey both started hollering “I’ll get the blessing!” and rushing to grab the holy water bottle first (cue eye roll- why must it matter who does what first?!). On that particular night Evie snatched the bottle first which led to Audrey fussing that she “wanted to get the blessing from the shelf”. Evie held out the bottle to her and said, “I can be a shelf”. Without missing a beat a satisfied Audrey responded, “Fank you, shelf.”


That has been their sisterly exchange nearly every night (with a slow motion spin added to Audrey’s fake fussing) and their crazy antics give us a good chuckle. Last week I found myself saying, “Fank you, shelf” to Tim randomly throughout the day and that night during their routine Audrey turned to me and said: “Mama, this is your favorite part!”.1101151324-2-2

Life with these nuts is never boring, that’s for sure. :)