DSC_6887I had planned to make a cute, happy little graphic for this post but then our laptop went kaput (but hopefully not *too* kaput since it holds 5+ years of pictures!!), so tablet pseudo-blogging it is for now.

Anyways, I’m curious to know what everyone does for holiday breakfasts (specifically Thanksgiving and Christmas). Do you like keep it simple and save your appetite for an all-out later meal? Have traditional dishes you partake of each year? Or do you like to try new recipes each time for special breakfast fare?

We’re a little bit all over the breakfast board at our house…for the past several years (except maybe one or two here and there?) I’ve made these Cran-apple Crostatas to go with Thanksgiving breakfast. Something about them is so very THANKSGIVING to me, so I keep coming back to that recipe year after year. Other than that our Thanksgiving breakfast is usually a simple meal in anticipation of the grand turkey feast.

However, for Christmas breakfast we usually like to indulge. ;)  Our spread typically has sweet rolls or Danishes (I have a weak spot for the grocery store Entenmann’s Raspberry Danish), fruit, bacon, and some sort of egg dish. I’ve tried different egg dishes every year- the most notable being last year’s attempt at Eggs Benedict which left me in tears (note to self- simple is okay!). What about you- what’s a holiday breakfast like at your place? Any favorite recipes?