I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! It was so nice to gather with family and enjoy a delicious meal (although, do anyone else’s kiddos eat like birds on Thanksgiving? Mine mostly ate their rolls as their main “dish”- they don’t know what their missing!).1126151558~21126151852a~2This year I (again) made bourbon sweet potato puree– I’m not a big consumer of sweet potatoes but love the taste and texture of that dish!

Also, going to link up with Sarah for what I wore on Thanksgiving:1126151647b~2

1126151852~2Meant to get a full-outfit picture but took my riding boots off before I snuck upstairs to snap a photo. :)


Lately I’ve been enjoying Simcha’s weekly meal plan shares– I love that she keeps it real. Sometimes there are successes in the kitchen, sometimes there are failures. Sometimes last resort vittles are thrown on the table at late o’clock- that’s life.

If you’re interested in Advent resources for your family or even just like to browse out of curiosity, this blog is a treasure trove!

Somehow we ended up on the dreaded American Girl Doll magazine mailing list- don’t get me wrong, growing up I leafed through those until the pages were dog-eared and wrinkled, and I think all the doll-sized accessories (especially of the period dolls!) are pretty fabulous…but as a parent all I see are dollar $igns when I glimpse that magazine. Anyway, that got me thinking: why hasn’t anyone invented Little House on the Prairie dolls that exactly mimic the lifestyle portrayed in the books- few dress options and minimal accessories? Like, for Laura- you could buy her doll Charlotte and a tin cup. The end. It would sure make things easier on the parents. ;) 

Finally, just wanted to share a favorite line of an Advent song that reminds us to grant ourselves grace this time of year:

“Make your house fair as you are able”

Happy Monday. :)