I’m hoping to make an occasionally recurring post theme about items that catch my eye while thrifting, even if they’re not something I buy. Sometimes it’s just fun to share unique finds that are out there. :)

One thing I’ve been keeping an eye out for is a long wool winter coat. I’ve come across a handful lately, each one I was sure would work…but none of them fit. #womp

Here’s a vintage (pretty sure) one that I really like but just felt was a little too extravagant for my lifestyle. 1123151045Plus, I looked up the brand online and am pretty certain that is a real mink collar…I’d be wary of getting red paint thrown on me (do people still do that?). 3724421967f3958a2c8230bcf3e6df34


I had to squelch my excitement when I saw a red wool coat with a Pendleton label (quality made in USA clothing since forever)! It even had toggle buttons(!) and a hood with plaid lining but- too big. It’ll be a great coat for someone, though!  (I thrifted a Pendleton skirt a few years ago that has become a favorite.)1123151048

Over the summer I came across this cute dress: 0814151603a

It doesn’t look like much on the hanger but the cut was flattering and classic, and with the right belt it would be a keeper! (um, it was just way too small for me to keep)

I wouldn’t normally have looked twice at it since it was hidden under this…0814151602

But now I do take a look at any dresses under 80s blazers. :)

One thing I *have* thrifted recently is a leather crossbody purse. It’s something I can use when out sans kids but only spent a few dollars on! 1203151430~2

My favorite thrift store find of late, though, was a Christmas gag gift for my dad but I’ll wait until later to disclose it. ;)