It’s probably safe to say that anything I read from August on of last year was just a book I wanted to read instead of a book chosen to fit one of the remaining categories in the Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge. And when the first trimester of pregnancy took over my life, well, I was vegging on the couch every chance I got with no mental energy to exert on books so, definitely slacker half of the year!

This is where I left off in July:


Since then I’ve finished:

Pioneer GirlOoh, I dearly wish I owned a copy of this because for once I wanted to read every footnote. ;) (Sticking this in the “everyone one has read” category)

Where We Belong*Sigh* For me Emily Giffin is like Nicholas Sparks- I really liked a couple of her early books so I keep reading more, due to my chick-lit infatuation, but end up feeling “meh” at best about each one.

What Alice ForgotI read this at a friend’s recommendation and loved it (even though I accidentally requested the LP version). I liked how the author revealed both sides of the split- not placing the entirety of the fault with either Alice or her husband…definitely a book that makes you more aware of the little things in marriage.

One More Wish– The last in a series by a Christian author I’ve been reading over the years- liked it!

The Royal We From what I’d heard around the blogosphere I expected I would really like this book…but it was just okay for me. I loved that it took place in Britain and involved the (fictional) British Royalty but I think I just didn’t particularly like the main character much and that sort of put a damper on this read for me.

Jane of Lantern Hill– After reading this I read this on Elizabeth’s Foss’ blog (re: L.M. Montgomery):

“the stories can be a bit overly-sentimental but there is something so compelling and good about Montgomery’s characters and plots that the sweet is satisfying instead of sickening.”

Yep, about sums up this book for me! And, goodness, I want to visit P.E. Island. (I’ll sliiide this as a bit of an errant entry into the “should have read in high school” category.)

Food: A Love Story– I’m a big fan of a lot of Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up comedy but comedy in a book format just isn’t my thing.

Little House in the Big WoodsEvie, Audrey, and I read this together (first time for all of us reading any of the LH books). I could tell parts of the book were more interesting than others for the girls but they seemed to enjoy it overall! (Putting this in “book from childhood” category.)

Me Before You– Emphatically did.not.like.

My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life– I really enjoy Ruth Reichl’s books and this was no exception, except (ha) that it was more of a cookbook with tidbits written about her life that particular year (instead of her other books which offer recipes at the end of each chapter). Still really liked it and wished I could’ve tried several of the recipes before the library summoned the book back!

If you’re interested here’s the link to the MMD 2016 Reading Challenge. There are several books I know I’d like to read this year that don’t quite fit into any of her categories so I’m not sure if I’ll complete the challenge (again) but it’s worth a try. :) Feel free to add if you’ve read anything good lately!