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Audrey: “Mama, what’s that on your forehead? Upon closer inspection of my wrinkles: Oh, stripes.”1230151031-2

One night after having been forewarned that a chosen bedtime book was on the long side, Tim remarked that he would read it “Tim style” (so- very abbreviated). After a few minutes listening to him read, Evie plucked the book from his hands and brought it to me asking me to finish it. When Tim and I asked her why…

Evie: “Dada doesn’t know the hard words.”1114151448-2

(In dire need of a few moments of chatter not being directed at ME) Me: “No more talking to mommy right now, please…you can talk to the wall instead.”

Audrey (visibly distressed): “But the wall doesn’t have a face!”1107151104a-2

Evie (stomping indignantly into the kitchen): “Heidi just gave me a bad smell. It smelled like raw cheese, and I don’t like raw cheese!”

After Heidi was being especially cheeky Me: Heidi, where do you come from?

Audrey: From the hospital!0116161318a-2

Listening to Taylor Swift’s 22 (not age applicable to anyone in the house but…)

Evie: Is she singing about numbers?


Audrey (pointing to my fried calamari): Can I have some Californias?

Me: Oh, what are they called?

Audrey (with all the certainty in the world): Californias.


Evie: Mama, I love you. *beaming* That means I have a heart.0107161203a

And finally-

One night as I was giving all three girls a bath Evie suddenly let out a hysterical “OH NO!” and started crying, and Audrey so upset by Evie’s hysterics began bawling. I immediately scanned the water for some sign of bowel incontinence compliments of the youngest but didn’t see anything. I asked Evie what was wrong and she stammered out- “Heidi’s sock is on!”. (Indeed, I had accidentally placed Heidi in the bath with one sock still on. I was so dumbfounded by her extreme reaction that all I could do was laugh!) After several moments of talking Evie and Audrey down from their wail-fest Evie stifled her tears enough to tell me, “Mom. I know you accidentally hurt my feelings when you left Heidi’s sock on.”

So…I guess you never know which of your parenting oversights will garner the biggest reaction!