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On Friday Tim went to the March for Life and met up with his sister who was down from college for it, and his mom spotted them during the live streaming on EWTN! I was annoyed that any coverage by the secular media focused on the “lower numbers” of pro-lifers this year due to the weather but didn’t give any specifics. I’m sure it was still a giant gathering, regardless! Whatever, media, just because you don’t cover something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.FullSizeRender


Hard to believe a month ago we were living in mild temperatures- I guess winter didn’t want us to forget what season it was because we sure got blasted by a blizzard this weekend.

Trying to catch snowflakes and full of hope that they will taste like sugar.

Trying to catch snowflakes and full of hope that they will taste like sugar.


I think we got close to 30 inches! I am so very thankful we didn’t lose power. Pioneer cooking is not my forté and I’m not much better at stocking my pantry with a store of canned goods. :-/ So thankfully we didn’t and I was able to bake with electricity while it snowed aaallllllll day on Saturday…and the older girls went out and got some good snow-play in. :)DSC_1309

I love how the snow sparkles when the morning sun shines over it- I tried to capture it here but it doesn’t really do it justice.DSC_1333

So now, smack in the blizzard’s aftermath, everyone in our area is pondering many a question…what to do with all that snow? When will schools re-open? Where on earth is anyone supposed to park? How is one supposed to drive when their entire lane is suddenly usurped by a wall of snow? Will spring ever come? People up North- we need your guidance and snow-smarts!DSC_1338


Two weekends ago was the Christmas party for Tim’s work but I opted not to go this year. I felt lame for not wanting to go but it’s always held at a restaurant well over an hour away and I don’t know many of his co-workers + spouses very well (so, smart to avoid them, right?) and, silliest reason of all, every time I see these particular people I’m either pregnant or have a nursing baby with me. Just once I want to go and be me and blend in- not be me who is pregnant again or who has to try and discreetly nurse in a large group of people…this all probably sounds very vain or self-absorbed or prideful or some combination of the above but there it is. And not that I assume everyone pays attention to me at these things but with pregnancy pregnant questions and comments always follow and sometimes I just wish I could opt out and have a discussion about something entirely different!

Anyways, Tim still went to the party and brought me back thee most amazing dark chocolate ice cream ever (I mean, I did stay home with the kids all afternoon ;). We’ve only been to this particular ice-cream place once since it’s a good 45 minutes away; I’m already dreaming about the next time I can partake of this deliciousness!0116161959-2


While colds, ear infections, and cabin fever threaten to overcome us, we’re trying to stave them all off…here’s hoping we come out ahead and finish January with health of body and mind. :)