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Joining in the link up going on over at Modern Mrs. Darcy to share the bright spots in my life this winter.

Slowly but surely projects- I recently finished The Nesting Place so I can’t help but look around my house wondering what objects or furniture might look better somewhere else. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the difference little changes can make- I get so used to leaving things in the same spot forever! I’ve also been working on a travel gallery wall in our dining room for a gooood while and although it has a ways to go it’s exciting to see it come together and fun to search for frames.0130161131a

Thrifting– When I can sneak away for a hour or so I like to spend it leisurely, so I usually browse thrift stores. I love never knowing what I’ll find- especially on the cheap!

Candles- because glowing light on gloomy days or dark evenings is therapeutic.


Going out with friends- some girlfriends and I have been getting together regularly for a few years now- we’ve had several babies between us in that time but we still make it work. We aim to meet once a month after our kiddos are in bed and go to a restaurant. Let me tell you, ordering food, splurging on dessert and/or drinks, and having uninterrupted(!) girl talk is SO wonderful and very much needed- at least in my life!

Regular library visits- thank goodness for blogs that offer a plethora of children’s book recommendations! I try to regularly request titles and pick them up about once a week to diminish the craziness of the visits. If we have time I’ll be a fun mom and let the girls do some puzzles and occasionally I’ll let them go in the play section (gah-germs!germs!germs!). When we get home I love seeing them leafing through new pages with books sprawled around them. :)

Smoothies- this has become a post nap-time ritual…when we have the ingredients. :) It’s a way to incorporate more greens into my vegetable-lacking diet and the perfect way to use up brown, spotted bananas which would otherwise go into the freezer for “that time I’ll make banana bread”.0202161708-2

That’s my list so far. Hopefully come spring it’ll look a bit different. :)