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When I read this piece by Elizabeth Foss a week or so ago I felt it summed up well how I was feeling about the upcoming Lenten season. She writes:

You can commit to spending Lent taking care of yourself and establishing lifestyle practices that will bring you close to our Lord and to your family, while inviting peace and order into your home.”Buttercup2


I feel like I’ve fallen off the wagon in regards to basic prayer, spiritual reading, confession, and just being a decent human being, and truly need to start from square one this Lent. And then when I read Jenny’s and Ana’s posts I just felt like YES, that.


Ash Wednesday provided ample opportunity for sacrifice, as we had new carpets installed in two of the bedrooms. Months and months ago we had a torrential downpour and because of several unfortunate house flaws we had water pouring into our master bedroom. I mean POURING. I have honestly never felt so helpless in my entire life as I felt watching the water gush over our window sill and soak into the carpet, probably rotting the sub-flooring and causing our whole room to collapse in the process. Tim was working late and I was in the thick of bedtime routine while I frantically searched for every last towel I could find to throw at the deluge. It didn’t do much good since they lay sopping wet (as I stood sobbing) in minutes!


So this was our room for several months until we had enough in the budget to replace the carpeting:1002151646

It was really in dire need of being replaced anyways and **silver lining** we could at least pat ourselves on the backs that we hadn’t had it replaced before we moved in. Anyway, the carpet gentlemen began their work exactly at nap-time on Wednesday because, of course. Heidi actually went down okay but wasn’t asleep long since it sounded like elephants were trying to smash through the floors. And no other rooms were available so poor Audrey had nowhere to sleep. It is never fun when your kids won’t nap, but when your kids can’t nap it’s like a whole other realm of awfulness– meltdowns and bedtime crankiness and no patience on the parental end…thankfully we’re in the penitential season which is a constant call to renewal!


And now we have normal flooring! Hooray! (And the sub-flooring wasn’t rotted out, so I can (mostly) walk over that area without fear of falling through the floor.)0212161253b


On to a couple of links…

How cool is it that there’s a word for “intentionally choosing books and placing them strategically in the house for your children to discover and read”?  I’m sure this is something many people do without realizing there’s a name for it!


My sister passed along this link of lessons in sainthood from St. Zelie, also a mother, and the first quote of St. Zelie’s was quite a consolation to me. “Zelie wrote this when she had five children under seven. When I read this, I really was encouraged. It is hard being alone with the little ones without help, and even Zelie thought so.” These quotes make her so relatable!

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