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Joining the link up a little late over at The Big White Farmhouse with some of my favorite things for Lent

Heart Speaks to Heart {Book} I’m not sure where I picked this up but during the Triduum one year I plucked it from my bookshelf and read it through. It’s a good pairing for Holy Week, as it was written during that time, and it’s short enough to read in a day if you want. I’m *hoping* to read through it again during Holy Week.

Seven Last Sayings of Christ {CD} I’ve always wanted to go to one of the “Seven Last Words of Christ” reflections often held at parishes on Good Friday but I’ve never been able to, so my mom passed this CD along to me to listen to instead. *Disclaimer: I’ve yet(!) to listen to it but it’s by Scott Hahn, so I’m sure it’s wonderful. ;)

Jesus of Nazareth {Movie} This mini-series (which features a lot of famous actors!) is a fitting option to watch in installments during Lent or Holy Week.

Recipe- I know I’ve mentioned this before but this is a favorite meatless recipe in our house!

Communal Meatless Meals- My dad’s cousin belongs to a Byzantine church in our area which offers dine-in or take-out Eastern European meatless meals every Friday during Lent. Last year was the first year our family went and it’s something we’d love to make a Lenten tradition (we love to eat so any traditions that involve food are keepers ;). We were able to meet up with extended family there, so it was nice to share a meal amidst busy schedules while also supporting a good cause.DSC_8415