At the beginning of this pregnancy I was de-ter-mined to make use of as much of my non-maternity wardrobe as possible for as long as possible and to limit maternity clothing purchases or hopefully make none at all! But as I rummaged through my bag of maternity clothes in the basement this past fall I found all of my cold weather maternity clothes were all at least two sizes smaller than my current size. (What was that I once heard about breastfeeding making the pregnancy weight melt right off???) SO I purged the clothes that will never fit again and made a mental note to purchase a pair of Old Navy maternity dress pants for church, since that’s where I noticed the biggest looming hole in my wardrobe.

Well the non-maternity plan has been kicked to the curb sooner than expected as my belly has expanded quite a bit faster/ further than previous pregnancies (surprise, surprise!), but I was able to use a good bit of it for the first 20-some weeks- thank you, roomy tops and open cardigans!

During a big sale at Loft I purchased two room-to-spare-tops on super-sale that will work great postpartum as well (first top, only black left). I’d consider Loft more often if their shipping price didn’t detract from the great sales *grumble grumble*.

I love the lace detailing on both tops!

I’d never thought I’d say this but putting on maternity pants and shirts was actually a relief-  no more constant checking to make sure the hair tie was staying in place on my jeans button, and anyways the odd-fitting tops were getting uncomfortable…and very short.

Right now I’m working with one pair of maternity flare jeans, one pair of skinny jeans, and one the pair of ON dress pants that I mentioned…I have a pair of maternity leggings but I just don’t ever feel covered enough pairing my tunic or sweaters with them! Purchase-wise I’ve also added two of these striped tops which get constant use- I’m *hoping* combined with my warmer weather maternity tops those will see me through ’til the baby arrives in June. As for dresses and skirts- it is slim pickin’s (2 non-maternity skirts, 1 black maxi dress, 1 black maternity maxi); creative mixing and matching will need to be the order of…the next several months. :-/0222162017

So basically after thorough consideration my formula for pregnancy dressing is: if it fits, I will wear it. The End. ;)