A mom with grade school girls and a young son was once telling me that when she goes to work-out in her basement her girls know that it is verboten to go down there during that time. As she put it “girls just love to engage” and if they came down, her work-outs, well, would just not work out. However, she said sometimes her son saunters downstairs during her workout and just plays by himself- minding his own business- while she exercises, and that is okay by her.


My mom tells a story of a time she was driving my niece and nephew (who at the time were I think two and four) and overheard a disagreement they were having over…the colors of Christmas. My nephew finally ended the discussion saying, “M, I’m not going to discuss this with you anymore.” My niece was having none of it and insisted, “S! I need you to talk to me, S!”.

These stories make me laugh so much because OH MY GOODNESS do my girls love to engage. Our second-born, sweet Audrey, particularly loves to C-H-A-T chat, chat, chat all the live-long day and hold people’s attention.

I have been completely remiss about documenting her third birthday (end of December!), so Audrey, this one’s (finally) for you.


Audrey is a sensitive soul and sometimes tends toward playing the victim but oh my goodness she is a sweet girl, quick to help, eager to please, and I’m often humbled by how much she wants to include and thinks of others.

A choice word Tim used to describe her is: earnest. This picture of her serenading my brother during a family singing of “Happy Birthday” cracks me up! She is our little minstrel.0218161950

She always has an immediate answer for everything and is determined to do everything her big sister does, including picking up a menu and declaring she will read her order to the waitress because Evie did- even though everyone present (including herself) knows she can’t read yet.

Two things I will be so very sad to see her grow out of are putting shoes on the wrong feet and her little accent (saying things like”stoy” for store, “skewell” for school, “foik” for fork”, to name a few).

I often catch her mothering her stuffed animals or caught up in a pretend scenario with her toys. Once I overheard her re-enacting a scene from the Bible with her stuffed monkey and had to stifle my laughter when in an uncharacteristically gruff tone she spouted, “Here come the mean sol-jas (soldiers)”.0214161829a

Since her birthday is right after Christmas celebrating can pose a challenge but somehow this year it worked out that we celebrated throughout the week. I was grateful for that since it felt so right to focus on her for a good bit. I *try* to spread attention evenly but I have to admit in being the middle child she does get overlooked at times. :-/ We did small things on her actual birthday (donuts, gifts, haphazard construction paper birthday sign), little things here and there throughout the week, and celebrated with my family on New Year’s Day.1228150816a

For birthday flowers she picked an orchid (fancy taste!) and was super-kind to overlook my not baking a cake.


It was the Christmas season and everyone is always on sweets overload, so I didn’t want to get a cake that wouldn’t be eaten…mini cup-cakes it was, but at least Audrey got to pick them. ;)


Delicate ears. :)

DSC_1283 DSC_1275 DSC_1274 DSC_1296The other day she finished using the bathroom and exclaimed, “Yay, I did it! I went potty! Praise God!”. I hope you never change, sweet Audrey.